Movex Vancouver Commercial Movers

MOVEX is a commercial moving company, independent and professional. Established in 1981, Movex specializes in office, warehouse and industrial transfers.

Movex staff are experienced in Moving Furniture & Equipment as well as Systems disassembly & reassembly. Our service also includes internal relocations, small and large, within your premises. We have a fully modern and fully equipped fleet of trucks.

Storage facilities include a 20,000 square foot heated, security alarmed, fire resistive warehouse adjacent to our offices in Vancouver. Along with our storage service, we provide and full range or Auction and Disposal services for any unwanted furniture and equipment.

We keep track of your “stuff” with Movex fixed asset tracking solutions. We capture, store, process and report data crucial to business decision-making using the latest bar code technics and collection hardware/software. Because today’s workplace is a complex combination of personal computers, office equipment and systems furniture, therefore, the need to keep track and have precise information on these assets has never been greater.

We feel that our ingenuity and adaptability have made us leaders in the commercial relocation field. Enclosed are extra copies of letters of reference from clients, many of whom require follow-up service on a periodic but constant nature and have selected Movex on an exclusive basis. Various comments point out the integrity of Movex and of our commitment to excellence. Together with our experience, equipment, and professional attitude, we will work with you to complete your projects in a very competent and professional manner.

We are proud of the quality of service our men provide. We work for you.