Project Coordinator
The key factor in providing a smooth and successful relocation is largely due to pre-planning. MOVEX appoints a personal coordinator to assist in the coordination of all aspects of the move, fielding any questions you may have before, during, and after the relocation.

We feel that our ingenuity and adaptability have made us leaders in the commercial relocation field. Together with our experience, equipment, and attitude, we work with you in a very competent and professional manner. We work for you.

We feel confident that we can efficiently service your off-site storage needs at reasonable cost. Our storage facilities include 22,000 square feet of a heated, fire-resistive warehouse at 1146 Franklin Street in Vancouver.

Product Visibility and easy access for you MOVEX can guarantee, through our open-racking system, that all product is available for your viewing at any time. Our delivery service offers 24-hour turnaround time for any piece(s) required.

This service allows you the flexibility to weed out any undesirable product, which in turn, controls your cost.

Specialty Equipment
Furniture Dollies – Unlimited quality available to assist your move with the greatest efficiency.
Padded Computer Bins – Secures transfer of all your highly-sensitive electronic hardware.
File/Library Carts – Over twenty five lin.ft./each.
Screen Carts – Wall boards and partitions.
Carpet-lined Bins – For the transport of small items and pictures.
High Quality Location Tags – Various colors to identify exact placement of products at your new location.